Top 5 Industries in Singapore That Are Reaping Great Rewards From Digital Marketing

Every company irrespective of its location needs a digital plan. This holds true in the case of companies in Singapore as well. But, companies in some sectors are more suited as compared to other niches.

In the present computer-driven realm when talking about a source to build relationships, digital marketing gets into picture. The in-person marketing techniques are no more in vogue these days. On the other hand, businesses are reaching the target market through social networks and email. These digital efforts are actually important for the marketing efforts of any company. Many companies have started adopting, while some companies have already shaped their online marketing channels. Reports state that about 82% of companies from around the world have some kind of digital marketing plan. They have this either as a part of their marketing plan or as a separate plan.

How about consumers?

Companies try to reach the target market through different sources. Some reach them through mobile phones, while some use mail boxes. Irrespective of the mode, the goal is to motivate the customers to try the service or product of the company.

Return On Investment

When online marketing is reaching new heights, still many people have a question whether it brings good ROI to companies. Also, many entrepreneurs still have a doubt whether they can get help from a marketing agency Singapore. The answer is that the return from web marketing is truly high for companies functioning in some sectors. Let us gather details about the top 5 industries that get good ROI on their web marketing efforts:

1. Law

Yes, what you have read is right. The law niche is actually gaining better from their efforts on digital marketing. Reports state that one out of four legal firms follow a content marketing technique to reach out. They are making good returns from blogging.

As most of us know and accept attorneys are good at communication. To be more specific, they can clearly explain how a specific law works. With this skill, they are posting useful contents either in their own blogs or in third party blogs. Through their blogs, they answer the queries of readers, which, in turn, bring them new clients. This is a strategy that brings them good ROI. They do not spend too much financially. But, they get good returns from digital marketing in Singapore.

2. Health

When you have a query on your health, what will you first do? Of course, you will get to the web to get at least a fundamental understanding, right? This is what 77% of people from around the world do. It is true that doctors always have good respects. But, they are actually not the first, whom people visit for their health concerns. People these days just search the web to know what is happening in their body. This is why doctors these days are relying on digital marketing techniques. They are getting patients through a good website with easy-to-read information. They ensure social media presence along with optimized health information for search engines.

3. Auto

In the automobile industry, marketing always plays a major role in attracting shoppers. For instance, we come across many flash advertisements in televisions, newspapers, and magazines. They promise attractive trades on the latest models of vehicles. Digital marketing has now turned out to be one among the important channels to reach potential customers. Reports state that many companies in this industry have moved to digital marketing as against traditional methods.

The fundamental cause for this trend is that with digital marketing, the automobile manufacturers are able to customize their advertisements to different demographics of the audience. The automobile industry is among the top 5 industries enjoying good returns from digital marketing.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment companies these days find social media as the best platform to attract the target audience. For instance, they are able to share trailers, photos, teasers and also live motion pictures through social media. Even, entertainment industries get word-of-the-mouth popularity with the help of social media users.

Social media permits the entertainment and other industries to get personalized information. This benefit associated with deep analytics provides the opportunity to meet the appropriate demographics of the audience. As compared to traditional modes, entertainment companies are making good returns from digital marketing. Better segmentation, improved fan engagement, and better marketing metrics are bringing good returns.

5. Food

In general, people have an emotional attachment to the foods that they love a lot. So, they show their utmost loyalty to the food items that attracts their taste buds. With an understanding of the same, food companies use campaigns with attractive images of foods. This, in turn, helps them to get a high percentage of direct engagement from customers.

These days, this industry is not relying on the tiresome menu cards. Yes, consumers can now go to the web, can check the social feeds and can conveniently place their order. Many companies in this industry offer door delivery of foods ordered online. Also, they plan their marketing campaigns with attractive deals to attract repeated customers. They also follow the best digital marketing strategies to attract new customers. These efforts pay them well and this is why the food industry is among the top industries making good returns from their digital marketing campaigns.


Irrespective of the industry to which you belong to, you can get help from a digital marketing agency in Singapore. When you choose the best company, they will help you get the best returns. Remember to make sure that an experienced company is chosen to get the best outcomes. When the company has satisfied customers from your niche, it will be an added advantage. As they have already worked for companies in your industry, they know the target audience well. So, they will design the best strategies to attract your target market to bring the best returns in the form of leads for your business.

Why Singapore is the Perfect Place for Digital Marketers

South-east Asia is an interesting place for marketers, but at the same time it is one of the most complicated, simply because the culture, the technology, and several other aspects are different than in Europe and the United States. Singapore is one of the most appealing markets there, but at the same time it is a city-state which combines culture with technology. As such, digital marketing here is quite extraordinary. Search engines and social networks are differently used than in other states in the region!

Below, you will be able to see a short and detailed guide for digital marketing in Singapore. What is a demand, how to increase it and what people need are the main points here!

Singapore demographics

This is usually the main aspect, to begin with. How many people a state has, language and average earnings are the main elements of any marketing, not just digital. Singapore has a population of 5.3 million people. Keep in mind that more than 2 million of them are born in foreign countries. Interesting: Those individuals are known as expats.

Almost the entire population is employed, so less than 2% are unemployed. This is another factor to consider when it comes to proper marketing. Although average salaries are not very high, some of the top earners make more than $100.000 per year. A great fact is that 25% of the population can be categorized as high earners.

The official language is English, Mandarin, and Thai, but English is widely spoken, so Western Culture is well-known as well. This made Singapore a perfect choice for marketers who want to combine English language and Western Culture.

The Internet in the city-state

Singapore is once again the best place for digital marketing, due to a simple fact. More than 81% of the population are internet users. The increase of 10% occurred in a short period of time, between 2013 and 2014.

One of many reasons for superb internet activity is the speed of the internet connection itself. The average speed is 12.5 Mb/s, while the fastest internet connection is more than 90 Mb/s. This allows to the marketing agencies to offer high-quality content which usually requires fast connections to work properly. Thanks to it, HD videos, detailed content and great ads are common and must be used. On the other side, we have people with slow internet connection, but less than 13% of the population uses 4Mb/s internet connection.

The government made huge efforts in making the entire city-state fully covered by fiber optic cable, allowing for the citizens to experience the full speed of the internet. They are almost done with the latest upgrades.

Smartphone internet users

Although mobile internet is used for the same goal, we will mention it separately here. Almost entire country is covered with LTE networks (99%), and it works perfectly in trains and even tunnels. For indoor users, the situation is slightly different, but it will soon be improved and upgraded. What’s interesting is that the speed of the LTE networks is the highest in the world, with 38 Mb/s.

Each digital marketing agency in Singapore offers special smartphone-consumer targeting features. We must add that this strategy is the most important one and crucial when it comes to proper and successful marketing.

Search engines and social networking

All kinds of marketing exist, but all of them depend and use search engines and social networking. Why? It is the ultimate way to reach the highest number of potential consumers in the shortest period of time.

In Singapore, 90% of all internet users use Google. The second search engine that has some perspective is Yahoo. Others are not used. That’s why Google is another key element to consider and use. Important: PPC (pay-per-click prices are 58% lower than in the United States according to Word Stream).

There is no point in adding that social networks are popular and used in Singapore, but which ones? Not all of them are ideal, nor all of them will have the same success rate. That’s why we mention the main ones below.

  • Facebook – This is the main social network to consider. It has 3.5 million MAU (monthly active users) and 2.4 million users daily. It is truly the main element here.
  • Twitter – In this situation, we will take into account the tweets. Each month, more than 550.000 are published in English language only. Those on Mandarin, Chinese or etc. are rarely published.
  • LinkedIn – This platform use 1.8 million people. The total workforce is 3 million, so more than 50% use it. All kinds of individuals can be found here. Beginning with technicians and ending with executives.
  • Instagram – It is less used than Twitter and definitely less than Facebook, but it is one of more popular platforms.
  • Whatsapp – Yes, it is the main instant messaging app here, so using it is a must. This app is more popular than Facebook Messenger or Viber or WeChat.

Our end and your beginning

Yes, Singapore is a huge market with a high potential, but there are some things to know. First and foremost, Western Culture and English-based marketing will work, successfully. On the other side, transferring potential consumers into sales is a difficult task, due to tough competition of digital trends. The only, useful alternative is the local digital marketing agency. They are professionals in this field and they can help you achieve much more.

Some brands are completely marketing messaging focused. Here, it is another thing to take into account. An interesting aspect to consider is food. It has a huge cultural meaning and it is very different than in other parts of the world. If we know this, we can deduce that it is one of the elements that may be the most profitable.

With the local marketing agency, digital marketing in this city-state would be almost perfect. People are open-minded and they embrace tech, English, Western Culture and new styles. Paired with a high number of internet users, digital marketing is the way to go.

Questions to Ask In Order to Improve Your Online Marketing Returns

If you operate an online business in Singapore, you will need to market online too. Well actually, this does not just apply to online businesses; even offline businesses need to maintain quality web presences these days. This the case as many people use the web to search for the service and/or product they so desire. It is highly important that the digital marketing should be used in an effective manner to generate better leads and traffic to any business. It is generally tough for a layman to understand the right digital marketing strategies to follow to generate traffic. This is where professionals in this field can provide the right guidance. With many different strategies available for online marketing, professionals can identify the strategy that will work for any business.

Overcome digital marketing challenges

As you are planning to use digital marketing, you should be aware of certain things to face the challenges coming in your way. Here are the questions to which you should find the appropriate answer to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns online:

How about your tactical outreach strategy?

An expert marketing agency in Singapore states that if you endow in wrong platforms or channels, you cannot get the expected returns. So, it becomes important to decide about the type of digital marketing strategy you should use for your business. For instance, there are strategies like content marketing, YouTube Ads, paid ads, and direct emails. Only when the nature of your target market is rightly understood, the appropriate strategy can be chosen. For instance, if you spend huge on textual content, while your target market is interested in visuals, it will be a waste of money.

So, before you begin with any campaign, it is important to identify the preference of the audience. You should conduct a research on where your target market hangs out and what are their preferences. Then, the appropriate strategy should be chosen to make customer engagement easier.

Once a strategy has been planned, it is better to find the answer to the following questions, before proceeding with its execution:

  • Is the selected channel of campaign the right choice for my business?
  • Will it rightly take my business to the target market?
  • How should I refine the plan to attract better leads?
  • How am I going to convert the leads into customers?

Should I pay attention to non-buyers?

Non-buyers are people, who can actually gain from what you offer. But, they do not arrive at the shopping decision mainly because of inadequate time, knowledge, money and also due to trust issues. The success of a digital marketing campaign is not just reaching shoppers. But the campaign should reach even non-buyers to persuade them to make a purchase.

The biggest mistake committed by unsuccessful marketers is that they do not follow up. Reports show that nearly 80% of businesses lose because of inadequate follow-up strategies. Non-buyers should be identified and they should be followed up. They should be made to understand the way in which your product will address their needs. The follow-ups will help with attracting non-buyers, who pay more attention to customer focus. The thing to remember here is that too much follow up can also be irritating for some individuals. So, it should be done in a restricted fashion.

Are the expectations met?

A sound online marketing plan should encompass psychographic elements with a view to catch the sentiments of the intended market. The reason is that you will not be in a position to create value, if you cannot meet the expectations of your customers. To achieve the same, you should have an accurate understand of the profile of the most suitable client. In general, companies promise to provide better product or service, as compared to the similar types of goods offered in the bazaar. The best marketing strategy should provide the right question to the query of the customer on ‘why should I shop this product?’

It is important that to frame a successful digital marketing strategy, you should have good observation, listening, and grasping skills. The better you hear to your customers, better you will be in a position to reduce the gap between what is on offer and what is the expectation of your end users. To learn the same, you should get an understanding of the latest industrial trends and you should also take steps to fill the spaces from your competitors.

When you choose a good digital marketing agency in Singapore, they will propagate the value of your company to the masses. As they know how to deliver the same to the appropriate group of people, it will automatically bring you better returns.

Is healthy human relationship built?

To ensure the success of your marketing campaign, it is highly important that a healthy customer relationship should be built. You should have a personal contact with the end user, which will improve his/her loyalty towards your business. The thing to remember here is that you can understand the real engagement of a consumer when he starts raising concerns about your product or service. This will help you identify the areas of flaws, such that you can correct them to emerge as a better business. Once you launch your social media advertisements, you should spend some valuable time to respond to the queries of your prospective customers. You should be ready to appreciate constructive feedback from customers. Never try to computerize every procedure as it will make building human relationships almost impossible. The time you spend towards answering the queries of your customers will never be the waste of time.

What have you learned from your performance stats?

You are recommended to know the distinction between conversion rate of landing page and rate of click through. The former denotes the percentage of people, who take it to the entire process, while the latter denotes individuals, who just click the advertisement and see its content. This will help you understand, where your prospective customers are stopping in the middle of the entire process.


If you are new to these, they may seem really complicated. There is no doubt that it there is a fairly steep learning curve especially if you never run an online marketing campaign before. Hence, it is always recommended to hand the responsibility over to a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore. Let them do the work while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Most Effective Digital Marketing Services in Singapore

Digital marketing is a move towards covering all the marketing strategies and techniques via the internet or electronic media. Such a marketing technique can be defined as an umbrella utilized for various marketing activities in case of any product or service through a number of online platforms. By way of steady increase in innovation and technology, a number of business units are put into operation with the help of digital approach headed for their marketing actions.

By the simplest means, this approach can also be termed as a promotional approach for a variety of services and products through electronic media. Therefore, it is different from conventional marketing approach primarily because of its market penetration rate and also its effectiveness. Besides the online internet platform, instant messaging via mobile, electronic billboards, various mobile apps and other different channels can be included in a digital marketing system.

This marketing strategy sometimes is complex as per how the company prepares its design. According to the rising needs of the company, it can settle on the fact whether there is any need to add up or eliminate few of the strategies. An effective digital marketing plan is a major plus point for businesses nowadays, but it can sometimes come out to be very challenging.

Here are listed few of the needful elements of digital marketing that one should take into consideration before making or changing any business plan:

Engaging into Content Marketing

In modern times, businessmen take content marketing very lightly, but it is not easy as it may seem. One must understand that content is not only generating news or articles on business; it also demands to be engaging, shareable and informative. Such content should be incorporated with keywords which can be easily found through search engines and therefore, will come into view on organic searches.

Email Marketing should be organized

Emails at times can become a really troubling element to consumers, particularly when they sent in a haphazard manner, having no business significance. One must have a proper schedule of the emails that are to be sent to the customers and should be reminiscent of how grand one’s business is devoid of any exaggeration. Information sent to the customers should be relatable to the respective business, service or any other product and thus will be useful on their part.

Well designed Website

A well-designed website is another essential component of one’s digital marketing approach. The website should be impressive to business clients as well as the potential clients. The customers should be endowed with links that directly open up to their requirements or any other information which they are willing to know. Doubts can be raised in a client’s mind if any part of the website fails to work.

A business website should maintain a correct order; lesser the clutter, the better it is. Buttons should be hidden which are not of much use and therefore, should be minimized under tabs. Information must be placed on the homepage, being concise and informative. There should be lesser ads as they might hamper one’s business lookouts. Though ads are useful as they help in promotion, but more of it might annoy the clients. Clients might get offended if any other ad link opens instead of what they are looking for.

Organic SEO

Finding one’s business on top of the search engine pages is indeed satisfying. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means that the content marketing pains of one’s business paid off quite well devoid of any Pay-Per-Click advertisements. Such an organic SEO helps in determining the site’s traffic and also the investment return for one’s hardcore efforts in digital marketing.

Owning a position in an organic search group means that the content is one of its kind and the keyword choices are frequently searched by the consumers. This allows the business to gain more exposure to customers as well as potential customers. Therefore, more the traffic, the more is the possibility of making sales.

Mobile Marketing

A website being mobile ready will automatically attract clients or potential clients so as to get access more frequently even when they are using their smartphones. Smartphones in modern times serve much more than just mere calling or instant text messages. With the advancement of technology, mobile phones are the greatest weapons for accessing social media and the internet by using simple data plans.

Social Media Activity

Social media is an essential tool for the most of the company’s digital marketing strategy. It assists them in connecting with an infinite number of customers in just a few seconds. Positive or negative feedbacks can be looked upon through various posts on social platforms like that of Facebook or Twitter.

Interaction in the form of replying to consumers’ queries and sharing various contents through social media shows how much down to business one is, thereby reaching out to each and every concerned consumer of the products or goods. It is a great platform for upgrading one’s business sales as it provides much exposure to business schemes and strategies. Be it a big or small scale business, social media is one the greatest tools to deal with a business, thereby, achieving success.

Efficient Analytics

While framing digital marketing strategies, one must consider marketing analytics as well. It is an essential part which further determines the rank or position of one’s company; the effectiveness of the efforts made in digital marketing; the elements lacking in such a marketing strategy. A well-organized analytics can facilitate a business company with appropriate solutions while encountering issues and the further steps that needs to be taken.

Digital Marketing is At Its Best in Singapore

When digital marketing is mentioned, Singapore is such a place which should not be missed out. Businesses achieve success through digital marketing schemes in Singapore as the social media trends are quite popular, especially Facebook. About 2.4 million people visit the site on a regular basis, thereby, initiating interactions between businessmen and consumers. The popularity of Facebook placed each and every digital marketing agency in Singapore on top, gaining greater business sales.

SEO in Singapore is a must have for all those marketing strategies. More than 90% of the people in Singapore frequently use search engines especially Google, and others use Bing and Yahoo as well. Pay-per-click (PPC) average cost is lower in Singapore almost by 50%, therefore, paving the way for organic SEO. Thus, search traffic, as well as social media, is going to dominate Singapore internet marketing if one goes by the current social and search trends.