Questions to Ask In Order to Improve Your Online Marketing Returns

If you operate an online business in Singapore, you will need to market online too. Well actually, this does not just apply to online businesses; even offline businesses need to maintain quality web presences these days. This the case as many people use the web to search for the service and/or product they so desire. It is highly important that the digital marketing should be used in an effective manner to generate better leads and traffic to any business. It is generally tough for a layman to understand the right digital marketing strategies to follow to generate traffic. This is where professionals in this field can provide the right guidance. With many different strategies available for online marketing, professionals can identify the strategy that will work for any business.

Overcome digital marketing challenges

As you are planning to use digital marketing, you should be aware of certain things to face the challenges coming in your way. Here are the questions to which you should find the appropriate answer to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns online:

How about your tactical outreach strategy?

An expert marketing agency in Singapore states that if you endow in wrong platforms or channels, you cannot get the expected returns. So, it becomes important to decide about the type of digital marketing strategy you should use for your business. For instance, there are strategies like content marketing, YouTube Ads, paid ads, and direct emails. Only when the nature of your target market is rightly understood, the appropriate strategy can be chosen. For instance, if you spend huge on textual content, while your target market is interested in visuals, it will be a waste of money.

So, before you begin with any campaign, it is important to identify the preference of the audience. You should conduct a research on where your target market hangs out and what are their preferences. Then, the appropriate strategy should be chosen to make customer engagement easier.

Once a strategy has been planned, it is better to find the answer to the following questions, before proceeding with its execution:

  • Is the selected channel of campaign the right choice for my business?
  • Will it rightly take my business to the target market?
  • How should I refine the plan to attract better leads?
  • How am I going to convert the leads into customers?

Should I pay attention to non-buyers?

Non-buyers are people, who can actually gain from what you offer. But, they do not arrive at the shopping decision mainly because of inadequate time, knowledge, money and also due to trust issues. The success of a digital marketing campaign is not just reaching shoppers. But the campaign should reach even non-buyers to persuade them to make a purchase.

The biggest mistake committed by unsuccessful marketers is that they do not follow up. Reports show that nearly 80% of businesses lose because of inadequate follow-up strategies. Non-buyers should be identified and they should be followed up. They should be made to understand the way in which your product will address their needs. The follow-ups will help with attracting non-buyers, who pay more attention to customer focus. The thing to remember here is that too much follow up can also be irritating for some individuals. So, it should be done in a restricted fashion.

Are the expectations met?

A sound online marketing plan should encompass psychographic elements with a view to catch the sentiments of the intended market. The reason is that you will not be in a position to create value, if you cannot meet the expectations of your customers. To achieve the same, you should have an accurate understand of the profile of the most suitable client. In general, companies promise to provide better product or service, as compared to the similar types of goods offered in the bazaar. The best marketing strategy should provide the right question to the query of the customer on ‘why should I shop this product?’

It is important that to frame a successful digital marketing strategy, you should have good observation, listening, and grasping skills. The better you hear to your customers, better you will be in a position to reduce the gap between what is on offer and what is the expectation of your end users. To learn the same, you should get an understanding of the latest industrial trends and you should also take steps to fill the spaces from your competitors.

When you choose a good digital marketing agency in Singapore, they will propagate the value of your company to the masses. As they know how to deliver the same to the appropriate group of people, it will automatically bring you better returns.

Is healthy human relationship built?

To ensure the success of your marketing campaign, it is highly important that a healthy customer relationship should be built. You should have a personal contact with the end user, which will improve his/her loyalty towards your business. The thing to remember here is that you can understand the real engagement of a consumer when he starts raising concerns about your product or service. This will help you identify the areas of flaws, such that you can correct them to emerge as a better business. Once you launch your social media advertisements, you should spend some valuable time to respond to the queries of your prospective customers. You should be ready to appreciate constructive feedback from customers. Never try to computerize every procedure as it will make building human relationships almost impossible. The time you spend towards answering the queries of your customers will never be the waste of time.

What have you learned from your performance stats?

You are recommended to know the distinction between conversion rate of landing page and rate of click through. The former denotes the percentage of people, who take it to the entire process, while the latter denotes individuals, who just click the advertisement and see its content. This will help you understand, where your prospective customers are stopping in the middle of the entire process.


If you are new to these, they may seem really complicated. There is no doubt that it there is a fairly steep learning curve especially if you never run an online marketing campaign before. Hence, it is always recommended to hand the responsibility over to a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore. Let them do the work while you focus on other aspects of your business.