Why Singapore is the Perfect Place for Digital Marketers

South-east Asia is an interesting place for marketers, but at the same time it is one of the most complicated, simply because the culture, the technology, and several other aspects are different than in Europe and the United States. Singapore is one of the most appealing markets there, but at the same time it is a city-state which combines culture with technology. As such, digital marketing here is quite extraordinary. Search engines and social networks are differently used than in other states in the region!

Below, you will be able to see a short and detailed guide for digital marketing in Singapore. What is a demand, how to increase it and what people need are the main points here!

Singapore demographics

This is usually the main aspect, to begin with. How many people a state has, language and average earnings are the main elements of any marketing, not just digital. Singapore has a population of 5.3 million people. Keep in mind that more than 2 million of them are born in foreign countries. Interesting: Those individuals are known as expats.

Almost the entire population is employed, so less than 2% are unemployed. This is another factor to consider when it comes to proper marketing. Although average salaries are not very high, some of the top earners make more than $100.000 per year. A great fact is that 25% of the population can be categorized as high earners.

The official language is English, Mandarin, and Thai, but English is widely spoken, so Western Culture is well-known as well. This made Singapore a perfect choice for marketers who want to combine English language and Western Culture.

The Internet in the city-state

Singapore is once again the best place for digital marketing, due to a simple fact. More than 81% of the population are internet users. The increase of 10% occurred in a short period of time, between 2013 and 2014.

One of many reasons for superb internet activity is the speed of the internet connection itself. The average speed is 12.5 Mb/s, while the fastest internet connection is more than 90 Mb/s. This allows to the marketing agencies to offer high-quality content which usually requires fast connections to work properly. Thanks to it, HD videos, detailed content and great ads are common and must be used. On the other side, we have people with slow internet connection, but less than 13% of the population uses 4Mb/s internet connection.

The government made huge efforts in making the entire city-state fully covered by fiber optic cable, allowing for the citizens to experience the full speed of the internet. They are almost done with the latest upgrades.

Smartphone internet users

Although mobile internet is used for the same goal, we will mention it separately here. Almost entire country is covered with LTE networks (99%), and it works perfectly in trains and even tunnels. For indoor users, the situation is slightly different, but it will soon be improved and upgraded. What’s interesting is that the speed of the LTE networks is the highest in the world, with 38 Mb/s.

Each digital marketing agency in Singapore offers special smartphone-consumer targeting features. We must add that this strategy is the most important one and crucial when it comes to proper and successful marketing.

Search engines and social networking

All kinds of marketing exist, but all of them depend and use search engines and social networking. Why? It is the ultimate way to reach the highest number of potential consumers in the shortest period of time.

In Singapore, 90% of all internet users use Google. The second search engine that has some perspective is Yahoo. Others are not used. That’s why Google is another key element to consider and use. Important: PPC (pay-per-click prices are 58% lower than in the United States according to Word Stream).

There is no point in adding that social networks are popular and used in Singapore, but which ones? Not all of them are ideal, nor all of them will have the same success rate. That’s why we mention the main ones below.

  • Facebook – This is the main social network to consider. It has 3.5 million MAU (monthly active users) and 2.4 million users daily. It is truly the main element here.
  • Twitter – In this situation, we will take into account the tweets. Each month, more than 550.000 are published in English language only. Those on Mandarin, Chinese or etc. are rarely published.
  • LinkedIn – This platform use 1.8 million people. The total workforce is 3 million, so more than 50% use it. All kinds of individuals can be found here. Beginning with technicians and ending with executives.
  • Instagram – It is less used than Twitter and definitely less than Facebook, but it is one of more popular platforms.
  • Whatsapp – Yes, it is the main instant messaging app here, so using it is a must. This app is more popular than Facebook Messenger or Viber or WeChat.

Our end and your beginning

Yes, Singapore is a huge market with a high potential, but there are some things to know. First and foremost, Western Culture and English-based marketing will work, successfully. On the other side, transferring potential consumers into sales is a difficult task, due to tough competition of digital trends. The only, useful alternative is the local digital marketing agency. They are professionals in this field and they can help you achieve much more.

Some brands are completely marketing messaging focused. Here, it is another thing to take into account. An interesting aspect to consider is food. It has a huge cultural meaning and it is very different than in other parts of the world. If we know this, we can deduce that it is one of the elements that may be the most profitable.

With the local marketing agency, digital marketing in this city-state would be almost perfect. People are open-minded and they embrace tech, English, Western Culture and new styles. Paired with a high number of internet users, digital marketing is the way to go.