Top 5 Industries in Singapore That Are Reaping Great Rewards From Digital Marketing

Every company irrespective of its location needs a digital plan. This holds true in the case of companies in Singapore as well. But, companies in some sectors are more suited as compared to other niches.

In the present computer-driven realm when talking about a source to build relationships, digital marketing gets into picture. The in-person marketing techniques are no more in vogue these days. On the other hand, businesses are reaching the target market through social networks and email. These digital efforts are actually important for the marketing efforts of any company. Many companies have started adopting, while some companies have already shaped their online marketing channels. Reports state that about 82% of companies from around the world have some kind of digital marketing plan. They have this either as a part of their marketing plan or as a separate plan.

How about consumers?

Companies try to reach the target market through different sources. Some reach them through mobile phones, while some use mail boxes. Irrespective of the mode, the goal is to motivate the customers to try the service or product of the company.

Return On Investment

When online marketing is reaching new heights, still many people have a question whether it brings good ROI to companies. Also, many entrepreneurs still have a doubt whether they can get help from a marketing agency Singapore. The answer is that the return from web marketing is truly high for companies functioning in some sectors. Let us gather details about the top 5 industries that get good ROI on their web marketing efforts:

1. Law

Yes, what you have read is right. The law niche is actually gaining better from their efforts on digital marketing. Reports state that one out of four legal firms follow a content marketing technique to reach out. They are making good returns from blogging.

As most of us know and accept attorneys are good at communication. To be more specific, they can clearly explain how a specific law works. With this skill, they are posting useful contents either in their own blogs or in third party blogs. Through their blogs, they answer the queries of readers, which, in turn, bring them new clients. This is a strategy that brings them good ROI. They do not spend too much financially. But, they get good returns from digital marketing in Singapore.

2. Health

When you have a query on your health, what will you first do? Of course, you will get to the web to get at least a fundamental understanding, right? This is what 77% of people from around the world do. It is true that doctors always have good respects. But, they are actually not the first, whom people visit for their health concerns. People these days just search the web to know what is happening in their body. This is why doctors these days are relying on digital marketing techniques. They are getting patients through a good website with easy-to-read information. They ensure social media presence along with optimized health information for search engines.

3. Auto

In the automobile industry, marketing always plays a major role in attracting shoppers. For instance, we come across many flash advertisements in televisions, newspapers, and magazines. They promise attractive trades on the latest models of vehicles. Digital marketing has now turned out to be one among the important channels to reach potential customers. Reports state that many companies in this industry have moved to digital marketing as against traditional methods.

The fundamental cause for this trend is that with digital marketing, the automobile manufacturers are able to customize their advertisements to different demographics of the audience. The automobile industry is among the top 5 industries enjoying good returns from digital marketing.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment companies these days find social media as the best platform to attract the target audience. For instance, they are able to share trailers, photos, teasers and also live motion pictures through social media. Even, entertainment industries get word-of-the-mouth popularity with the help of social media users.

Social media permits the entertainment and other industries to get personalized information. This benefit associated with deep analytics provides the opportunity to meet the appropriate demographics of the audience. As compared to traditional modes, entertainment companies are making good returns from digital marketing. Better segmentation, improved fan engagement, and better marketing metrics are bringing good returns.

5. Food

In general, people have an emotional attachment to the foods that they love a lot. So, they show their utmost loyalty to the food items that attracts their taste buds. With an understanding of the same, food companies use campaigns with attractive images of foods. This, in turn, helps them to get a high percentage of direct engagement from customers.

These days, this industry is not relying on the tiresome menu cards. Yes, consumers can now go to the web, can check the social feeds and can conveniently place their order. Many companies in this industry offer door delivery of foods ordered online. Also, they plan their marketing campaigns with attractive deals to attract repeated customers. They also follow the best digital marketing strategies to attract new customers. These efforts pay them well and this is why the food industry is among the top industries making good returns from their digital marketing campaigns.


Irrespective of the industry to which you belong to, you can get help from a digital marketing agency in Singapore. When you choose the best company, they will help you get the best returns. Remember to make sure that an experienced company is chosen to get the best outcomes. When the company has satisfied customers from your niche, it will be an added advantage. As they have already worked for companies in your industry, they know the target audience well. So, they will design the best strategies to attract your target market to bring the best returns in the form of leads for your business.